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10 Facts About China You Might Be Shocked to Know


China wins the award for best secretive nation but they can’t possibly keep every little thing under wraps. Here’s a list of ten facts about China that will shock you.

1. Substitute Criminals

If you may possibly be facing a prison sentence and are wealthy, then no need to fear! There is always someone willing to be paid to serve your sentence for you. If you thought America’s 1% lived by their own rules then this might give you a lot to think about.


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10 Facts About the Legendary Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was always in the public eye, so there might be a few things that aren’t public or fan knowledge. Here’s the top ten facts about the King of Pop.

1. 50 foot M.J.

Jackson was reported to have had a comeback in the works around 2005. Part of the promotion for this comeback was to have a 50 foot statue of the Pop King roaming the desert of Nevada.


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10 OMG Facts About Russia


There’s many things that come to mind when you mention Russia to somebody. Vodka, Communism, just to name a few. Here are ten facts about Russia that will make you say “OMG!”

1. Russians Are Tough

Alexei Roskov guzzled down three bottles of vodka and from a 5-story window and walked back up to his apartment. His reasoning behind jumping was because he simply couldn’t stand his wife’s nagging any longer.


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10 Facts You Never Knew About Antarctica


Antarctica is so mysterious it might as well be on another planet. Despite it being so isolated and at the bottom of our beloved Earth, there are people who work and live in Antarctica. Here are the top ten interesting facts about Antarctica.

1. Driest Place on Earth

The Dry Valleys of Antarctica have little to no humidity and not much snow or ice cover making them literally the driest place on Earth.

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