10 Facts You Hardly Know About Adolf Hitler

2. May 1, 1945

This is the exact date that Hitler was announced dead to the world. Oddly enough, Osama Bin Laden was announced dead approximately 66 years later.


image source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/osama-bin-laden-inspired-to-plan-911-terror-attacks-by-egyptair-flight-990-crash-al-qaeda-claims-a6850561.html


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  • Without a doubt the most important fact in regard to Hitler is that he’s been dead for quite some time now.

  • Can find a single authoritative proof for ANY of these utterly ridiculous claims?
    Let me guess – this entire barrel of poo was written by an uneducated American?

    • Most of this stuff is old news. Most armies used meth as a stimulant in WW2 including the British and Americans. Rommel is well known for his stand against the rounding up of Jewish civilian populations etc etc. Nobby, your name says it all, go “Google “” It. Finally, yes, Henry Ford did have frequent contact with Hitler. Ford was widely known for his anti Semitic views. As l say do some research “Nobby”

  • Normal, indeed. However, he didn’t do it alone….
    …There are still such persons; and masses to follow them…plenty of examples around…

  • Seems like I know another egomaniac that was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s not gone yet. Some of the population still like him. He isn’t smart enough to be an architect, but is a gifted orator, just like the dead guy.

  • Welĺ, my jaw hasn’t dropped, I wasn’t amazed, I didn’t find anything unbelievable. Your headlines are so laughable, and bordering on lies, you should be arrested. I’m not expecting this to be printed either.

  • Let’s not forget the fanatics of equality in the evil stakes. Stalin, Pol Pot , Mao etc were responsible for tens of millions more dead than Hitler.

    • Yeah, but you can’t really say Hitler didn’t try his best. Look, it’s kinda like getting a participation ribbon from a track and field event, only it’s nothing like that. Plus, Stalin juices.

  • Did you mention that

    1. He had one testicle? Technically, according to the Bible, that disqualifies him from God’s Kingdom

    2. He would inject himself with the excreta of a Polish Jew in the belief that he would assimilate something – I’m not sure what – from the man.

    • Yes, he continued to use poisonous gas against his enemies for many years after his death in the 90’s in Argentina!

  • Most of this info is not accurate.
    1. Hitler was a racist but had no plan for world conquest.
    2. He was a vegetarian.
    3. He hated communism.
    4. He was paid to send many Jesish people to Palestine.
    5. He used stimulants to keep his energy up when the war was lost.
    6. His chief adjutant chaffeur was Jewish as were some of His officers.
    7. On the discovery channel beginning Why good societies go bad Hitler
    rants ” If the international bankers want war we will give them war.
    8. Death camps were really work camps and see David Cole on youtube
    for evidence of gas chambers. Forced labor is a crime against Geneva
    conduct of war.
    9. His dog Blondi was a German Shepard mutt.
    10. According to many witnesses including Chief Architect Albert Speer
    Eva Braun was asked by many including Hitler to save herself and abandon
    the bunker to flee. She refused every request except to wed this man she obviously
    11. Dont believe everything without fact checking several sources. And A man in a cave did carry out the heinius crime of 911. No way.

    • You cite David Cole, infamous Holocaust denier, as an authoritative source? That’s an insult to the millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and others who were slaughtered in those camps, the survivors who lost their entire families, and the thousands of allied soldiers who were eyewitnesses to the horror left behind. You are beneath despicable.

  • Fifty Million getting killed was a total bogus figure created as the West was invoked and To show that Hitler was the culprit.
    Of course he was an animal but the death toll was not real. Was there a head count? If not this figure is not true. No one can make into law what happened even bonfire we were born.
    More than Hitler even today the West makes lies to praise themselves.

  • Hmmm it seems there are many Adolf Hitler these days. The West just used the McCarthy-style of politic to blackmail him to appear more gruesome than he was. There are more atrocities today created by the West that Adolf Hitler himself could not willingly commit.

  • I think Hitler was one of the Cruellest, Brainless, Self entered, Evil person that has ever walked on this earth!!! To make matters worse, he was a Coward by commiting suicide! He should have been given to the families of all the Jewish People that suffered & lost their loved ones, in the most Inhumane manner!!! He couldn’t have been Human, I’m sure he was Satan inside a human body!! My condolences go out to all the few Jews that are still around, having been exposed to this Barbaric form of justice!

  • Hitler’s father was an illegitimate child who was Jewish. He brutally beat young Adolph, hence the repression of all feelings in the man, who projected Anger towards his father onto the Jewish people. Probably all perpetrators of Nazi violence had similar childhoods: brutal fathers and suppressed feelings, numbness to cruelty. Read Alice Miller’s “For Your Own Good, Hidden cruelty in child-rearing and the roots of violence” Eye-opening about Hitler and society.

  • They can say what they want about him in the end he was a genius at war like ghengis khan he conguered almost the entire Europe an astute military genius and history shows us that there are only a few of them and I don’t think that will ever happen again in history

  • I still look at his pictures with fear as if he wants to jump inside of me. How come a crazy and barbaric man cannot be prevented to do what he did to our brothers, stoping him since the beginning? Why? Why?

  • I dont see any sense in discussing the total number of killed people. And if it was 100 its still a horrnible crime. Dontvdarebto dance with the devil. The next one ho could meet an angry Neonazi is you. That close you know what it feels like to be on the run.

  • There are other Hitlers to follow e.g Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe despot Presidents of South Africa and Zimbabwe

  • Taking away all the bad stuff, AH was a pretty smart guy, good artist , fantastic speaker,motivator ya ya ya used his influence to get a load of people on side. You guys forget Stalin, who we were happy to work along side with and he was a mass murderer X 10 . We were also happy to get into bed with many a dictator .

  • It’s time that a real image of Hitler -a real Stateman, shall be shown to the world after long time of his character assassination by western press World is changing & facts can’t be hidden for long

  • There was another person called Qin Shi Huang in ancient China. He was cruel too but he united all the states which we called China now. If Hilter had his way, maybe it could be a different world today.

  • The holocaust was partly Englands fault as they defeated the Germans at Tobruc which preventedthe German conquest of the Holy land. Adolf may have been planning a relocation of the Jewish population to their homeland.

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